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Frequently Asked Questions

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Why book the tasting session and in person test separately?

To maximize flexibility for our diverse student base, including those in the US and abroad, our courses are designed in a hybrid format. Theoretical components are covered through live Zoom sessions, utilizing WSET's comprehensive educational materials. The separate in-person tasting sessions and tests provide a tactile and enriching experience for those seeking a more personal touch. Additionally, offering both in-person and online testing options caters to different preferences among candidates.

What if I don't want to add the extra in person tasting and test opportunity?

No problem! We provide an extended set of resources for remote learners, including virtual assistance during at-home tastings. Tests can be scheduled online at your convenience. Note that technical proficiency, along with a computer equipped with a camera and microphone, is required for online testing.


Can I take the tasting session without taking the course?

Our tasting sessions are exclusively available to current or past WSET course participants. This ensures a cohesive learning experience and maintains the quality of our offerings. Whether you're a recent graduate or a current student, these sessions offer a fantastic opportunity to deepen your wine knowledge and enjoyment. Unfortunately, we do not allow external visitors who haven't enrolled in or graduated from a WSET course.

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