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Knowledge is power
Beverage education does not have to be pretentious nor complicated.
Whether as an Enthusiast or Industry Professional, get the knowledge you need to assess quality and value in beverages.
Enjoy what's on your glass with knowledge and confidence.
IBA (International Beverage Academy) is a WSET Approved Programme Provider.  The largest and most recognized beverage education institution in the world.
Follow a systematic approach to tasting, engage with the material with a unique approach to learning. Study the most up to date and advanced beverage curriculums available.
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What We Offer
  • Each course registration includes a digital copy of the book, specification guide, and learning materials created by WSET. Physical books and materials available upon request for applicants in the U.S.  
  • In addition to the course, IBA is proud to offer a customized learning suite in a dedicated virtual classroom. Offering custom and updated materials and tools for learning.
  • Wines for tasting can be purchased through IBA's distributor partner inside the site and are delivered to your door for participating states in the U.S.
  • Receive beverage knowledge with clear learning objectives, and proven strategies to promote engagement and learning.
  • Every person is different, receive a customized experience, including curated wine recommendations and beverage packages to further enhance your learning.
  • IBA offers individual support with individual attention to achieve your learning goals. 
  • Get access to curated materials and articles by joining IBA's community. Join Here!
  • For international candidates we offer customized assistance to identify quality wines in any geographical location.
  •  Exclusive tasting opportunities both physically and online through our business partners.
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Looking for Something Special?

Book Sommelier services for an unforgettable journey through exquisite flavors, tailored to your special events, intimate dinners, and educational tastings. Let's toast to moments that linger longer.

Available in Central Florida

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